Story of The Maestro

Wedding photography is all about the beauty of a moment. The most beautiful moment could be at a flicker of a second, and a good photograph is alway about keeping the moment from running away. At The Maestro Studio’s, we are a hyper enthusiastic bunch of obsessively passionate people who are constantly listening with your eyes. We believe and surrender to the power of a good photograph. Great photography comes from that special moment when beautiful light, a unique location and dynamic composition all combine to capture and creat emotion.The emotion may be the raw determination of a swimmer lunging to touch the wall, the laughter of a small child as she plays with a sibling, or that special feeling you have as you witness a once in a lifetime occasion. Whether photographing athletes for a specialty publication, or shooting a family photo session, this is my goal as a professional photographer, to capture those emotions, to rocord those moments, and preserve those memories forever.

Message from Founder

It is nothing but all about eye behind the camera

Everyone will ask a question that, passion is sufficient to fuel a dream? You will get the answer once you read out my life trajectory as I have explained it,how I have made it happen to bring my dream into reality.I founded Maestro studios in Salem, one of the biggest districts in Western Tamil Nadu in the year 1996. I was the only person in my studio when I had started as a fulltime photographer. I was the only person to carry out all the works including booking the programmes, Attending the schedules, photo editing, printing etc., in my studio.No one was to teach my profession, I had decided to be a mentor myself and I had started to learn everything on my own.

At one stage, I had started learning video camera operations as well.Within few years of gap, I had learnt everything including techniques to marketing. In this juncture, I have to say thanks to my earlier clients who have laid their trust on me in all their moments such as weddings.In 2009, I had opened a real-time studio at Fairlands which is the posh area in Salem city with a team of 27 people. Having support and additional hands which joined with my two hands, I had expanded my business to a greater height. I have moved to cover events in neighbouring districts, States and even in abroad. Now, I am telling you, everything which happened purely because of passion and not for business. If you don’t have passion within you, then you will not do anything new. Passion only helped me to capture some moments which no one cannot reclaim in reality. I am the creator of my picture.At Maestro Studios, I make sure that my team is driven by passion, quality and we are very sincere in each and every task we undertake.My passion is still telling me to travel with Maestro Studios for the rest of my life. I have a very strong confidence to weave more stories, capture more memories and make more people to smile.

Creative Minds

We are team of creative photographers. We passionate with photography and other creative things. If you are looking professional photography theme with endless possibilities, you come in right place. Tons of memories waiting for you.